Common questions when making shades in C.O.M

Using COM to create your custom lampshades opens up a world of fabric choice for you and your interiors. It allows you to take a lampshade and transform it into something perfectly tailored to your taste.


What does COM mean?

COM stands for Customer’s Own Material and refers to the bespoke service of using non-stock fabrics to make custom objects.

Usually, the fabric is chosen and supplied by the customer to add interest or value to an existing product, or to match something they already have in their home.


Why should I choose COM for my lampshades and lighting?

COM lampshades are as diverse and individual as our customers, and each order we receive is unique. When it comes to making custom lampshades, there is no better way of combining our expertise and your individual taste.


Who sources the COM fabric?

This is the beauty of the COM service – you are choosing and sourcing your ideal fabric. This way you can choose and supply the best fabric to work with your interior.

You can even recycle fabric that you have left over from another project or, vice versa, use the leftover fabric we post back to you to make something else to match – such as cushions and upholstery.


Do Copper & Silk charge extra for COM?

Yes, a small handling fee is added to orders where COM is requested. This covers the cost of additional administration and any additional time taken to produce the order in a material we do not work with on a regular basis.

Are there any materials I can’t use?

Most materials are perfect for making COM lampshades but we have found that silk, satin, linen and cotton based fabrics give the best end results. We recommend that easily crushed or creased fabrics such as silk velvet should be avoided if possible, as this can prove difficult to make and deliver without some damage to the fabric. Also, the thicker the fabric the harder it is to pleat, so if you have your heart set on a heavy material, we suggest you opt for a smooth card-lined design.


How much fabric will I need to make a lampshade?

This will depend on the size of the lampshade, the width of the material you wish to use and whether or not you want a pleated or card-lined shade. The standard width of most fabrics is 1.3m, so when requesting an estimate of material we will base it on this width.

If in doubt, you can always contact our experts or request our Fabric Yield Chart.


What is a pattern repeat and how will this affect my order?

Pattern repeat refers to how often a pattern is shown on a fabric.

As makers, we need to know about pattern repeat as it determines how your lampshade will look when it is finished, and could potentially cause problems with the overall aesthetic if undisclosed.

If you are in doubt, please do contact our experts for more information. As our shades are made to standard sizes sometimes a pattern repeat will mean that the seam of the shade does not allow for the pattern to join seamlessly.


When should I send my COM fabrics?

Ideally, a COM fabric sample should be sent after speaking to a member of our sales team about your order. This will help us to help you determine whether your chosen fabric is suitable for the style of lampshade you want us to make for you and whether there will be any special requirements for your lampshades.

After this initial consultation and sample approval, we will send you a quote with all the details of your order included, as well as the quantity of fabric required.