Straight Empire in a Gathered finish.

Assuming the fabric width is 140cm, you can use the quantities below for how much fabric we require. 

Please be aware these are just for Gathers and we will need  extra. 0.5m for the trim.


Shade diameter in inches = fabric quantity.

8'' x 5'' x 6'' - 0.25m (2 shades from one piece) + Trim (0.5m)

10'' x 6'' x 7'' = 0.25m  + Trim (0.5m)

12'' x 7'' x 8'' = 0.25m  + Trim (0.5m)

14'' x 8'' x 9'' = 0.50m  + Trim (0.5m)

16'' x 10'' x 10'' = 0.50m + Trim (0.5m)

18'' x 12'' x 12'' = 0.75m + Trim (0.5m)

20'' x 13'' x 13'' = 0.75m + Trim (0.5m)

22'' x 14'' x 14'' = 1.00m + Trim (0.5m)


Dimensions of the shades are presented as; Base x Top x Slope


Any card-lined Drum Lampshades. 

This is simple maths; we need a continuous length of fabric to wrap around the shade (plus a little extra for seams and folds).

The calculation for this is; The diameter of the shade x 3.3 = length of Fabric needed.

Your fabric is likely to be about 1.3m W, so take the height of the shade and add 10cm this gives you the width of the fabric we need.

It is likely we can make 4no. shades from length of fabric if it is supplied as full width of 1.3m.
If you only need one shade we will return un-used fabric to you with delivery of the shade.


Winchester Lampshades. 

450mm dia Winchester = 1500mm L x 700mm width
500mm dia Winchester = 1600mm L x 800mm width
600mm dia Winchester = 1900mm L x 900mm width
900mm dia Winchester = 2900mm L x 1100mm width

The above quantities are the minimum fabric quantities required and do not take into consideration faults with the fabric or pattern repeats.
Please see other information about using your own material for more advice about the type of material to supply.