Monty Don's Real Craft, Channel 4

Offering our custom lampshade expertise to Monty Don's Real Craft on More 4





Ricochet Productions, Channel 4, More 4, Ptolemy Mann


April 2014

We were overjoyed to be contacted by Channel 4 to assist as expert makers for design and craft show, Monty Don's Real Craft. Naturally we jumped at the chance, and threw ourselves into the process, advising the talented Weavers.

From what kind of fabric best makes a lampshade, to what sizes and shapes they would need, what lining to use, the best methods of tailoring and pleating, our inboxes were always full, and we were glad to be of help. It was such a proud moment for the whole team to our factory and our work on national television.

Part of the thrill of this project for us, was the opportunity to work with Ptolemy Mann as she coached the Weavers through their challenges to the final test. We had been big fans of her vibrant, colourful textiles for years, and were pleased to collaborate on this project. Working together on the More 4 project together eventually led to us creating our own collection of lampshades, using a specially designed range of Ptolemy's designs.